I have installed EmEditor7 beta on a USB flash drive using the export function. In looking at the ini files after initial configuration, it looks as though all references to folders contain the drive letter. After testing the portability of the app by renaming the folder, all plugins were missing on the toolbar. I also tested the portability by making sure that the USB flash drive used a different drive letter. Of course I got the same result. I assume this is because the reference to them in the ini files are static and still pointing to the old folder structure. For portability, especially on a USB flash drive that may get a different drive letter when plugged in, any references to files and folders would need to be dynamic/relative based on the current drive letter. This would be true for at least the plugins, macros, templates, syntax files, and any other fiolders/files needed to support EmEditor’s funtionality. Open file histories and projects would probably a little more difficult to validate.

One way for this to work for files and folder that support the application, would be to make certain assumptions as to where the folders are relative to where the EmEditor.exe file that started the specific process resides. For instance, the macros folder would have to reside in a folder subordinate to the folder in which the EmEditor.exe file resides. The same would be true for plugins (which it already is). Currently, by default, syntax files and templates reside in the same folder as the application’s exe file. It would be nice if they could optionally reside in sub folders also.

It is very welcome that EmEditor v7 does not write any information to the registry, but it is not quite portable yet.

I hope I’ve communicated the issue effectively. If you need me to elaborate on anything, please ask.

Keep up the good work!

Xavier :-D