Yutaka wrote:
I optimized on beta 27. Please let me know if that is acceptable. Thanks!

Regexp replace speed is indeed dramatically improved in Beta 27. I used the “catalog.htm” file provided in previous posts. I cannot scroll it because of ridiculously long lines, but it doesn’t matter. Replace “.+?” with nothing (match case, use regexp). It’s done in about 5 seconds! Previously it would take minutes.

HOWEVER, there is something seriously wrong with Undo. After replacements were done I hit Ctrl-Z. It took about 10 minutes. This is not right.

And there is no improvement for other patterns.
The following replacement (to split long lines) still takes too much time (>5 minutes. It takes a few seconds in jEdit or Vim which I keep just for such jobs):
Find: (<table|<tr)
Replace: n1