Yutaka Emura

Amelia wrote:
It’s easy.
1. Make a zip or 7z archive with 2 txt files (e.g., 1.txt, 2.txt).
2. Open the archive with 7-Zip.
3. Dbl Click 1.txt in 7-Zip, it’s opened by EmEditor.
4. DON’T close 1.txt, Dbl click 2.txt in 7-Zip.
Then EmEditor said system can’t find the specified path (tempdir7zXX.tmp2.txt), 2.txt can’t be opened.

I reproduce your problem, but that is not an EmEditor bug. When EmEditor promps a message “system can’t find the specified path”, in fact, there is no such a file in the specified folder. I don’t know why 7z does this, but the difference might be just a timing difference. Check “Do not share process between documents (disables tabs)” check box in the Advanced tab of the Customize dialog box.