Yutaka Emura

Flint wrote:
Very nice work, thanks!

1. Customize -> Edit: Help button does not work.
2. “Mouse wheel with Right-click moves to next or previous document” does not work here (do I need to activate it somehow?)
3. In Binary mode (ASCII) some control characters are narrower than normal characters, and character aligning becomes incorrect. I’m using Courier New, 10; WinXP SP3 Pro. (screenshot of the cursor position)

4. Suggestion: it would be nice to see in Binary/Hex mode also the text to the right, as most hex editors do.

1. This is only alpha. No Help is updated.
2. You do not need to activate anything to use Mouse wheel while Right mouse button is hold. The tab must be enabled and multiple documents must be opened within one EmEditor window.
3. This is because some characters have zero width size.