Actually i would like a field to specify characters that should not be a word delimiter which is the opposite of what i asked…..sorry about that. Just a simple field where i can add all the characters that should not be word delimiters for each configuration and also the option to specify for all configurations.
The reason why this would be a nice feature is because i work with textfiles that contains a lot of special characters and IP addresses. If i doubleclick on the IP address i would like the whole address to be selected. With the current version this is not possible because i cannot specify that “.” (dot) should be part of the word and not a word delimiter. A lot of the textfiles i work with contains commands that include special characters like “-“, “/”, “_” etc. It’s much faster for me when i use another text editor where a doubleclick can select the whole command or IP address to be able to cut/copy/paste or connect. For the IP addresses/hostnames i also have a couple of shortcut keys to start a telnet, ssh or ldap session to the IP address or hostname and then i doubleclick on the IP address and use the shortcut key to connect.
If there is any doubt i can give some examples of other text editors where this feature is available to see the behavior, but it’s pretty simple. The current version of emeditor have space and all special characeters as a word delimiter, but i would like to specify that some of these character should not be a word delimiter.

If you need further information or want me to give some more information regarding this feature please let me know.