I tested the new Function Bar feature — quite an interesting feature. Here are problems and suggestions.

1. At first, I could not find how can I show this bar. The standard menu View does not contain such command, neither does the toolbars context menu. Only after some time I remembered about the All Commands submenu, and there I could find the command. I think, it should be located in the context menu of the toolbars and, maybe, in the standard View menu.

2. I have just noticed, that I cannot enter the main menu by pressing and releasing the Alt key. Maybe, this is because the Function Bar watches for the keyboard modifiers?

3. Some command names are too long and become cut on the Function Bar buttons. It would be very helpful if these buttons (or even all of them) had the tooltip with full name.

4. When I hover a menu command, a description of the command appears in the status bar. However, this does not work for hovering toolbar buttons or Function Bar buttons.

5. Not about the Function Bar, but anyway: maybe, it’s worth adding the two new commands (Reload as Binary (ASCII) and Reload as Binary (Hex)) into the standard manu menu, in the submenu Reload.

PS: Right-click + mouse wheel still does not work in alpha 3, even on another machine (it has XP SP3 too). :-(