Function Bar and Reload as Binary (ASCII/Hex) are included in the Standard Main menu. If you have customized the main menu before, you will need to go to Tools > Customize Menus to reset the menus.

Ah, I see. Indeed, this could be the case.

Right mouse button must be kept pressing (not actually clicked) while you rotate the mouse wheel.

Yes, I do keep it pressed.
For example, in Opera I do the following:
1. Press the right mouse button.
2. While keeping the right button pressed, start scrolling the wheel.
3. Immediately a page switch window appears in the Opera window, where I see the list of all opened tabs, and the mouse wheel scrolls these tabs.
4. I scroll to the tab I need, then release the right mouse button which I kept pressed all this time. The switcher window disappears, and the selected tab is activated.

I tried absolutely the same in EmEditor, but after the step 2 absolutely nothing happens, as I scroll the wheel. Besides, when I release the right button after trying to scroll, the context menu does not appear: it shows that a) I did not release the button before scrolling started, and b) the mouse wheel is not completely ignored.