Yutaka Emura

Flint wrote:

Function Bar and Reload as Binary (ASCII/Hex) are included in the Standard Main menu. If you have customized the main menu before, you will need to go to Tools > Customize Menus to reset the menus.

Ah, I see. Indeed, this could be the case.

Right mouse button must be kept pressing (not actually clicked) while you rotate the mouse wheel.

Yes, I do keep it pressed.
For example, in Opera I do the following:
1. Press the right mouse button.
2. While keeping the right button pressed, start scrolling the wheel.
3. Immediately a page switch window appears in the Opera window, where I see the list of all opened tabs, and the mouse wheel scrolls these tabs.
4. I scroll to the tab I need, then release the right mouse button which I kept pressed all this time. The switcher window disappears, and the selected tab is activated.

I tried absolutely the same in EmEditor, but after the step 2 absolutely nothing happens, as I scroll the wheel. Besides, when I release the right button after trying to scroll, the context menu does not appear: it shows that a) I did not release the button before scrolling started, and b) the mouse wheel is not completely ignored.

I tried Opera, and EmEditor works very similar to Opera except that EmEditor does not display the switch window. What kind of mouse and mouse driver do you use? Was the mouse wheel customized in the control panel?