I just gave alpha 4 a quick test.
These are my remarks:

EmEditor often crashes when dragging a file from Explorer to EmEditor to open it. I did not yet found a pattern but it happenes quite often.
Address: 45a164
Offset: 5a164

Large File Controller always shows up, even when I open a file with 4 KB.

Any possibility to show spaces with another character (e.g. a small dot) when show marks is turned on?

Deployment of macros
If main menu is modified and macros got keyboard shortcuts it is very difficult to deplay these settings to other users.
I’m using ini files now but this needs write permissings to the EmEditor folder.
What I do now is deploy the CWP, MainMenu and MainMenuSize settings from the INI.
I hope there will be an easier way to share your macros this others in the company in the future.