Yutaka Emura

Yutaka wrote:

emuser1 wrote:
I’am Chinese Unicode User, When I Loding Bigger (3MB) Chinese Unicode File (Used Vista Unicode Ext-B Font) Very Slow. I Also Test On MS-Office 2007, Same File Loding Is Very Fast, If Compare By Emeditor. I Used Same Computer For Test.
Please Testing And Fix This Problems.
This Problems Also Found On Emditor 5.X, 6.X, 7.X, 8 Beta Version. Please Really Test About Multilangue Unicode.

I would really appreciate if you coud email me a sample file to tech@emurasoft.com (after zipped). Thank you!

I received your sample file. I used to make a balnce between speed and memory size since Ext-B characters are rarely used. However, I optimized the speed for Ext-B characters also on the next beta version. Thank you!