I had Tools > Properties for All Configurations > Spelling > Check Spelling disabled; enabling this does populate the list in context menu > Dictionaries. I hadn’t changed this myself, apparently this is the default. I hadn’t caught this earlier as enabling context menu > Check Spelling did trigger the spell check.

Can I also add the following feature request:

EmEditor currently doesn’t support multiple zones in headers and footers by using alignment. This would allow for instance having the file name aligned to the left side with the page numbers aligned to the right, with the possibility to include other information centered in the header of footer.

There is currently the possibility to align the header or footer to the center or the right, but this applies to the entire header or footer: information entered before &r or &c is also thus aligned.

Many apps support three areas by alignment in headers or footers (IE, Firefox, Word, etc.). I’d think it an improvement for the printing functionality of EmEditor.

Thank you.