Hello dear Yutaka:-)
I have some problems here.
1. It seems that the theme’s displaying mechanism has been changed. All my custom theme’s “Current line” property is weird. The text color in the highlighted current line is black(although it should be white as the text color of the current line is set to Transparent). i.e. try the MinimalZen theme. Since the background color is dark black, this makes the text on Current line barely visible.
This problem exists on all custom themes on my machine. However, the themes that come with Emeditor function properly. So maybe this is not a bug and just a little tweak somewhere will fix it?

2. The macro’s recording and playback when the sticky vertical mode is on are broken.
i.e. when sticky vertical mode is on, start recording. hold SHIFT press arrow DOWN, input something. ESC. stop recording. now undo your changes, put the cursor back to it’s former position, run the macro. The macro will not input anything.

P.S. Is it possible for Emeditor’s macro to remember(or to set) the edit properties of the document? such as Overwrite/Insert mode, or whether a switch to vertical mode should be done before executing the macro, since in different environment, a same macro might not behave the same.

Emeditor 10 beta 2. Windows 7 64bit EN.