Hi Yutaka,
Today I try to use Emeditor 10 beta 3 in a productive environment (COBOL programming), and noticed the following bugs:
1. TABs inserted in vertical mode remain to be TABs when “Insert Spaces for Tabs” is checked.
2. Snippets plug-in. In any placeholders other that placeholder 0, type ‘a’, ENTER, type ‘b’, will get ‘bb’ with cursor between the 2 ‘b’s.
3. In placeholders, the function “Automatically show the candidate list as typed” of WordComplete plug-in will not work. (“Show Candidates Manually” works fine)
4. If cursor color is customized, the color will change on a background other than white. i.e. will set to red, the cursor is blue in theme MinimalZen. (not a big deal though…)

A few other problems:
1. Since the system I work with is case sensitive, I set “Default Extension” to be “.COB” (Uppercase). However, when saving, the extension is converted to “.cob” (Lowercase), which is quite annoying.
2. In COBOL, line comment can only be expressed by “^(d|s){6}*”, any other form is illegal. This cannot be set in Emeditor’s line comment. Nor can “{SixSpaces}*”.
3. Would you please let snippets plug-in support “nesting snippets”? i.e. in placeholder 1 of snippet 1, trigger snippet 2, when TAB after placeholder 0 of snippet 2, return to placeholder 2 of snippets 1, etc. Currently Emeditor simply ignores the triggers of another snippets in placeholders.