Yutaka Emura

Hello zhouzh2,

Thanks for trying out EmEditor beta 3!

1. I reproduced this issue, and it has been already fixed for beta 4.

2. I reproduced this issue too, and I will fix it soon.

3. This is currently a specification, but I will try to fix it in the future.

4. Yes. The cursor color is actually inverted color, so if background is other than white, the cursor color will change accordingly.

other 1. I reproduced this issue only if you select “COBOL (*.cob)” (or any configuration other than “All Files (*.*)”) in the “Save as Type” drop-down list. Next time, please select “All Files (*.*)” in the Save As dialog box, and you should see “.COB” as you expected.

other 2, 3. I will have to consider these in future versions, but I am not sure when I can implement these features.

Thanks again for trying EmEditor beta!