Hi Yutaka,
Now the following 2 might not be a bug but a specification. Just a confirmation needed.
1. Currently the ‘Highlight Matching Brackets’ and ‘Auto-Complete Brackets/Quotation Marks’ shares the same option right? Which means it is not possible to set to only auto-complete ‘()’ but highlight both ‘()’ and ‘{}’. In order to retain the auto-completion of ‘()’ but get rid of the auto ‘{}’, the only way is to uncheck ‘{}’ in Bracket Pairs, but this will also disable Highlight Matching Brackets and even the CTRL-] to find the matching bracket.
2. A single highlight can only have one style (bold, underline, italic or normal), and spellchecking’s wiggly line is considered a style. So the style of the keyword will be overwrote by spellchecker’s style.
This is fine in most of the case, since spellchecker can be configured not to check keywords. But if the keywords are defined by regex, users will have to choose between canceling the spellcheck on keywords or losing the style of keywords.