Hi Yutaka,

I found a bug with the plugin.When I fill the arguments of a function or condition statement and then press “tab” key ,it doesn’t jump to the next placeholder as usual, but create a blank space after the argument

I find this too. Just a correction: a tab in placeholder creates a tab not a space.
2. The help button on Insert Special Character does not function.
3. Cannot change the encodings of new created document (before saving) by double clicking on the “current encoding” on status bar. (a specification maybe, but having a popup menu alerting you to save the file would be better).
4. Open a file, change something, double clicking on the “current encoding” and choose a different encoding, the alert of “Do you want to abandon changes” appears twice if you choose “cancel”. May be the first alert should be “Do you want to save the file”?

Feature request:
1. The current convert selection-comment/uncomment only uses line comment. i.e. in HTML files, this command will not work. It would be better that Em automatically use block comment when line comment is not available (or ever better, auto decide when to use line comment or block comment). Even if the command is tweaked to only use block comment would be a better implementation than the current method, since line comment is quite easy to insert using vertical selection.
Of course I can always use macros or snippets to achieve block/line comment. But since you decided to put such a functionality in Emeditor core, would be better if it behaved smarter. (and from my point of view, this is not that hard to implement. Correct me if I’m wrong)
Moreover, I think comment/uncomment is not suitable to be placed under convert selection section. Normally when a user press comment while have nothing selected he is trying to comment the line…
But that might be a bit too complex for an editor’s core functionality. So all in all a better solution might be just leaving all these command totally to macros.

2. Is it possible to add an Auto Join command besides Convert selection- Remove new lines/Join lines. i.e. If a character before/after n is a multi-byte character act as Remove new lines (no space inserted) and when the character is a single byte character act as join lines (insert space).