Hi Yutaka,
word-complete in placeholders works, and this is GREAT :-)
However, there is a bug in the snippets plugin:
1. in any placeholders other than placeholder 0, typing a trigger string will replace the whole snippets with the trigger’s snippets. This is reproducible at least in C, Java and HTML. (only a certain trigger under such situation will cause this, was not able to test them all)
i.e. try this: in C, for{TAB}, and type “printf”.
in JAVA, cl{TAB}, and type “de”.
in HTML, img{TAB}, and type “html”.
if you do this, even an error will popup:
img{TAB}, and type “input”.

feature request:
1. the drop down list of word-complete even popups when there is only one match and the match is exactly what I have typed.
i.e. open a blank document, type “abcd”. space. abcd again. you will see abcd is listed as a word-complete suggestion. therefore if the user wants to input an enter, he will have to do it twice. in a word, the word user has just inputed should not be in dropdown list of the plug-in. if I have variable abc and abc-1, it would be much nicer to type abc and get only abc-1 as suggestion.
2. Get the seletion back when undo. A lot of winows apps action like that(including MS. Word and Notepad). (although I can live without that. :-) )