I didn’t like it either, but the fact is lots of people are confused with the default behavior. Most people expect CTRL + TAB behave like Internet Explorer and Firefox where CTRL + TAB switches to the next document (right tab). So, that is why I changed the default CTRL + TAB should go to the next document (right tab). You can change the behavior by changing the keyboard shortcut.

However, I like your opinion. I might change the default as you suggested.
Other users, what do you think?

I don’t care. I do not use ”Last Accessed Document”/”Least Accessed Document” commands; and for ”Next Document”/”Previous Document” I used my own keyboard shortcuts.

How do I change my keyboard settings? When I want to change “last accessed document” to “CTRL-TAB” when I press this key combination, I change from the keyboard tab to the spelling tab.

Press one key after the other key and not in combination; first [CTRL] and then [TAB].