MariaK wrote:

How do I change my keyboard settings? When I want to change “last accessed document” to “CTRL-TAB” when I press this key combination, I change from the keyboard tab to the spelling tab.

Press one key after the other key and not in combination; first [CTRL] and then [TAB].

That works. Thanks!

I modified my main menu, I inserted some new menus to call my macros. Unfortunately when a new version comes out that has some new menu items (like View/Marks some betas ago) I don’t see those new items. I need to reset my main menu for that, but then I lose my user defined menus.

I really would like to have a kind of import/export feature for parts of the menus so I could easily transfer my menu from one version to the next or even from one computer to a colleague’s. At the moment it is saved in a binary way in HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareEmSoftEmEditor v3CommonMainMenu as far as I can see. No real way to backup and restore parts of it.

BTW: I reset the main menu in beta 9 and see the “Next Document” / “Previous Document” entries in Window menu, but not “Last/Least accessed Document”, I had to manually insert those. Is this normal?