Yutaka wrote:

I didn’t like it either, but the fact is lots of people are confused with the default behavior. Most people expect CTRL + TAB behave like Internet Explorer and Firefox where CTRL + TAB switches to the next document (right tab). So, that is why I changed the default CTRL + TAB should go to the next document (right tab). You can change the behavior by changing the keyboard shortcut.

However, I like your opinion. I might change the default as you suggested.
Other users, what do you think?

I use CRTL-TAB to switch between the last used documents so like it the way it is in version 9, but not very important to me what is default as long as it’s easy to change. As you said Internet Explorer switch to the next tab by default, but this behavior can easily be changed in IE under “Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced” by checking “Use most recent order when switching tabs with Crtl-Tab”. I think such a setting is a bit easier than having to change the keyboard shortcuts. Why not leave the CTRL-Tab behavior like it is in version 9 and add such a setting like in IE?