I see some strange behavior using this RC as well as the previous RC version. When i have wrap by character (at char 70) enabled and at some point the current line background color disappear when using the arrow keys or clicking with the mouse in the textfile. Sometime the current line color appear at the wrong line or two line at the same time while the cursor might be somewhere else. The current line color indicator might sometimes be stuck at one line as well so i have to move the cursor back to that line and away again for the current line hightlight to disappear.

Seems like i can reproduce this problem easily if i enable wrap by char (at pos 70), create a line with many words that consist of let’s say 170 characters, paste that line many times (about 14 in my case while testing) and have a blank line inbetween each line. Then if i start using the arrow keys or click around in the document, select some text, deselect and so on the current line highlight color might disappear, reappear, appear twice, be stuck on a line and so on.

By the way i’m using Windows 7 x64 and the x64 version of emditor version 9.90.26, but for some reason the about box still says version 9.90.26 rc 16. Shouldn’t that be version 9.90.26 rc 17?