I do use an account with full privileges and I do not have any relevant system policies.

FWIW, I returned to the fray today, and found that EmEditor had appeared as a possible “recommended” option in Windows Association Manager, but only for a couple of php? extensions (php2, php3, ….). When I tried to use the Windows Association Manager to associate .bat files (which don’t have a default association under W7) with EmEditor, however, I saw the same behavior I described before. EmEditor did not appear on the list of options (“preferred” or “other”), and browsing to the executable within the dialog and “Opening” it did not establish the association. I am a long-time EmEditor user, and I have not had this sort of problem with prior versions (<= 9.x).

Later….The problem with not being able to associate file types within EmEditor goes away if you “run it as administrator”, which does actually make sense, and may have been true before, but it would be nice if EmEditor warned you about that if you try to do it when running it as a regular user, rather than just failing silently. The problem doing it with Windows Association Manager persists.

I am using the latest RC, BTW.