After installing RC1 I discovered the following issue:

1. Close all EmEditor instances if any.
2. Open EmEditor (empty “Untitled” document).
3. Double-click any text file in Explorer window – nothing happens, the file is not opened in EE.

I also tried starting EmEditor from command line specifying a file to open, and dragging a file from Explorer into EmEditor window – both methods did not work. The only way to open a document from outside is to close this “Untitled” EE instance and then double-click the file.

My OS is Windows Vista Business 32-bit.

And one more issue. I’m using English interface on a Russian Windows, and I noticed that the “Customize Toolbar” window is localised: all the text labels and buttons are translated into Russian. I know this could happen if it were a standard Windows dialog “borrowed” by EmEditor from the system, but is it really such a dialog, or just a EE glitch with localisations?