Yutaka Emura

Hi Deipotent,

1) This is the specification according to a customer’s request. If only one character is selected and the mouse cursor is at the end (right) of the selection, the status bar shows the character code to the right of the selection even though the different character is selected. Thus we already changed the specification according to the customer’s request.

2) I reproduce this behavior, but this not a bug. It simply cannot find the next string so the selection is not changed. Some users would be unhappy if the selection changes when no string is found. Highlighting is correct.

3) This is the specification. It is difficult to describe, but highlighting would not change just by changing the options. You will need to change the text in order to change the highlighting.

4) Currently, EmEditor cannot highlight more than one line of strings (or including a new line). Since “: +([[:alnum:];.]+)n” includes a new line ‘n’, it cannot highlight the string.

Thank you!