Just going through my reported bugs/comments with the latest beta…

1) The character code now is not shown now when more than one character is selected.

Could you make it so that it updates in real-time as the selection changes, and shows either the character to the right of the selection (much like it normally shows the character to the right of the cursor), or the last character in the selection.

This can be useful when you want to select up to a specific character code.

2) There is a minor highlighting problem related to incremental search. To reproduce,
– create a new document with the first line empty, the second with “cf abcde cd” (no quotes) and the third line empty.
– Open up the Find dialog and enable Incremental search
– Click mouse cursor on first line
– Search for “cd” and press Enter
– Search for “abcde” and press Enter
– Now use the drop-down to keep alternating the search between “cd” and “abcde”

— After searching for “abcde”, it will sometimes highlight correctly, but other times will not clear the previous search (so either “cd” will still be highlighted, or the “cd” in “abcde” will be grey rather than the highlight colour)

3) incremental highlighting not updated when Find Dialog option changed. eg. Match case checkbox is enabled/disabled. Using above example, try searching for “ABCDE” and then enable Match Case and it will still match “abcde”

4) Only one match is highlighted when the regex search contains r. eg. If you have multiple lines of the following format “ABCDE: .abc3;.s32”, and have incremental search enabled, all matching lines are highlighted with a regex of “: +([[:alnum:];.]+)”, but only a single match is highlighted with “: +([[:alnum:];.]+)n”