Yutaka wrote:
Hello Deipotent,

Thank you for explaining. I am beginning to understand your task, but the question is how many users would use this feature. Even adding an extra button “Extract All” in the Find/Replace dialog will certainly annoy some users. I want the user interface as simple as possible.

I would also like to hear from other users about this topic.


I second “[ ] Use Output Bar” option.
Many uses emeditor as a text reader, for them, bookmarks should be… well, bookmarks.
So I suggest emeditor to replace the “bookmark all” in Find dialoag with “use output bar”, and from output bar the user will be allowed to bookmark all lines, extract all matching words or lines or copy all,etc.
by doing this, the user is not forced to use bookmarks as a temp processing tool if he doesn’t want to, but those who do can still utilize that.
What do you think?