The other suggestions from that thread related to Find In Files:

1) Option to leave Find/Replace in Files dialog open after pressing Find button (much like the new “Close when finished” checkbox on Find/Replace dialog).

2) Ability to exclude file name from search results (ie. the opposite of the “Display File Names Only” option). To achieve this, you could rename “Display File Names Only” to “Display File Names”, and add another checkbox option, “Display Matched Lines”. The file names checkbox would control whether the filename was inserted before the matched text/line. The matched lines checkbox would control whether the entire line where the match occurs is displayed, or only the matched text is displayed.

This would allow text extraction from files. :)

3) “Incremental Search Against Current Document” option on Find/Replace In Files. When enabled, it will perform incremental searching/highlighting against the currently active document. This would aid creation of Find Expression, since you can see what is being matched as you create the find expression, without the need to switch to normal Find/Replace windows. This would not cause the matches to appear in the Output Bar.

This would make it easier to construct the regex find expression, before actually performing the find/replace in files.

4) Related to (2), have an “Incremental Search” option for Find/Replace In Files (like normal Find/Replace option), which would actually do incremental matching against files. With this option enabled, matches would appear in the Output Bar as the find/replace expression is being modified.