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Glad to see a new version of EmEditor with some useful new features. Bit disappointed though that my suggestion for text extraction has still not made it in though, particularly given that EmEditor already has a lot of the functionality needed to implement this feature:


I am not exactly sure what you would like to see in future versions. If you want to extract searched lines, you can “bookmark” searched lines (by pressing the “Bookmark All” button in the Find dialog), and then use the “Extract Bookmarked Lines to New File” command. You can also write a macro to automate this process.


I only want to extract text that matches the find expression, and not the whole line where the match occurs. The link I gave to the original suggestion topic explains in detail what I’m after, but a very simple example would be – Suppose I have the following lines:


If I do a simple match (ie. not regular expression) of “bcd”, all occurrences of “bcd” would be highlighted in EmEditor (as is currently the case when incremental search is enabled), and the output bar would have the following (as the first 3 lines contain this search expression):


Each match goes on a separate line. This would allow text to be extracted that matches a search expression. This is only a really simple example – see the linked topic for more detail.

It should update the output bar in real-time with the matches (ie. as the find expression is being modified), if incremental searching is enabled. It should obviously support regular expressions, with back-references.

EmEditor already has most of the funxctionality in-place to make implementing this feature relatively straight-forward:

– Regular expression support for Find/Replace
– Incremental search with all occurrences being highlighted

1) As CrashNBurn mentioned in the other topic, Find and Replace dialogs should allow output to Output bar

There are various other related features/options regarding this suggestion (eg. extract to a new document) that are mentioned in the other topic, so please read the other topic for more info.

With this functionality, EmEditor can be used as a text-extraction/mining tool, with real-time feedback on what is being matched (which helps with constructing the correct regex).

Let me know if there is anything that is not clear and I’ll do my best to explain it further.

Sometimes a simple image or screenshot can explain better than many words. Can you show an image including a new check box exactly how you want it to be called, and include sample text before and after you set this check box?