I tried to test the multiselection feature and found a couple of bugs. Steps to reproduce:
1. Click anywhere in the document.
2. While holding Ctrl, double-click on some word (different from where the first click was). Problem1: the word seems to be invisibly selected. The caret jumps to the end of the word, and when you move the mouse cursor over this word, its shape changes from the “text” into “arrow”; however, no selection background color is applied.
3. Now, while holding Ctrl, make a single mouse click at some third place, different from the first two.
4. Press any alphanumeric key. Problem2: The letter you typed does not appear anywhere, and from this moment EmEditor becomes unusable. It ignores all editing and navigation within the current document. After you switch to another document using tab header, EE starts to perform all editing actions, but the window contents is not redrawn: it constantly displays unchanged contents of the first document, no matter what you do.