Yutaka Emura

Hello Deipotent,

Thank you for explaining. I am getting to understanding your task.

How about this procedure below?

1) Press Ctrl + F to bring up the Find dialog box, type “http://server.com/(d{3})/(d{3})”, check “Use Regular Expressions”, and click “Find All”. Alternatively, you can add “http://server.com/(d{3})/(d{3})” to the marker with the Regular Expression checked, right-click on this marker, and select “Find All”.

2) Make sure “Sticky Vertical Mode” is set by selecting “Edit” > “Selection Mode” > “Sticky Vertical Mode”. This will make sure a newline is inserted for each selection.

3) Ctrl + C to select all selections.

4) Ctrl + N to open a new document.

5) Ctrl + V to paste all the clipboard contents.

6) Ctrl + H to bring up the Replace dialog box, and replace “http://server.com/(d{3})/(d{3})” with http://server.com/2/1

For 6), you could click the marker and select “Replace”, but current beta version has a bug. I will fix this on the next beta version.

I can also write a macro to automate this process if you would like.

Thank you!