Since Ctrl+click does not select a word anymore in multi-selection mode, why not use it for adding the clicked cursor position to the multi-selection? I mean, if I want to type in the same word in multiple places, I have to make a number of non-empty selections, which means I can only replace the text with some other text, not append it. It would be useful if EE allowed to add empty selections (insert points, actually) as well. EE already supports them for vertical selection, but the desired insert points are not always aligned vertically, and multi-selection could be very handy there.

A bug similar to reported earlier.
Press and hold Ctrl. Start selecting text, then reduce the selection area to empty (return the mouse pointer to the beginning of selection). Release the mouse button, release the Ctrl key. Now press any alphanumeric key. The result is “freezing” of EmEditor window contents, just like in this report.