Thanks for keep working hard toward the new version.

Recently, or maybe sometimes, I usually use the Keyboard Map (Help > Keyboard Map…) to “Configure and/or See” the shortcut that I need, but I found it’s a bit inconvenient that while “Keyboard Map” window is opening, I can’t do anything in the Emeditor “Main” window unless I closed “Keyboard Map” window first.

Many times, that I “forgot” or want to re-map the shortcut key because some of my other programs’ shortcut keys using the SAME in the Emeditor’ shortcuts key, so I have to remap them a lot, and that make me forget it a lot. lol

Say it shortly, I hope you can make the “Keyboard Map” window separates from the “Main” window, So I can do anything in the “Main” window while I leave the “Keyboard Map” window opens.


edit:Sorry!! if this shouldn’t be in the Beta section because it also happens with the Main version too, but I think it’s maybe good to post here, so you can put this change into this beta version towards the Next Main version.