Thanks for your feedback :thumpsup: :-) Very appreciated.

I don’t want a bloated program either.

So I think I suggestion only ‘basic’ features I miss
to help myself and others writing better scripts
to support the EmEditor community and myself.

I don’t think I have listed features who would
much increase the file size or loading time
but some who would increase usability.
(so I let out e.g. the “more dialog-features for scripts” wish)

For example I think there are date and time macro functions missed.
I know (and have provided code already) how to utilize JavaScript to get what I want.
But there should be such basics for easy access for average users too.

Thanks for providing hints on some topics… I will follow them and check them out.
(Oohh: “Select Beginning/End of Lines”… I have never seen this announced? Sorry.)

For other topics I will response in the related threads later the next weeks.

Thanks for feedback and developing EmEditor!