Bad upgrade experience

I have upgraded to RC1 by overwriting my v13 beta12 files
(which had a valid v12 key).

(But I guess it is the same with upgrading from v12?)

Immediately I got a message “You need a new key for v13.”
I denied visiting the web page for a new key yet
(while being in a customer’s network not to be used for private issues).

Next I got a message “30 day trial period is over.”.
As I am not able to get my key right now I close the dialog
and my installation was downgraded to free version.

(“Ctrl+Q > Upgrade” last only for three seconds. Then I get the above message again)

If you found a valid older key, give the customer a grace period to upgrade the key to v13.

No big problem for myself, as tomorrow I will have
my key with me, and for today I go back to my backup.

Thank you for making EmEditor.