Yutaka Emura

zhouzh2 wrote:
I use text editor to collect data.
With emeditor i have to copy something, switch to em and paste then switch back to continue my copying. This is really annoying in some conditions.
Maybe Emeditor can be enhanced in this aspect by builting more clipbord instead of just one, or at least please add support to auto-paste text in windows’s clipbord, so I can continue my data collecting work without having to switch to paste in Emeditor.
Thanks :-)

You can do many clipboard functions using macros or plug-ins.

To copy the selection automatically, write a macro:

clipboardData.setData("Text", document.selection.Text);

Then in the Customize Macros dialog, select this macro in the list, check “Runs at Events”, click “Events” button, check “Selection Changed”.