Explorer context menu for the EmEditor portable version:

– create a shortcut of EmEditor.exe
– copy the shortcut
– open WinExplorer and enter ‘shell:sendto:
– paste the link into your sendto folder
From now on you can utilize
the explorer context menu > Send to > EmEditor.exe – Shortcut

That works even on folders which will open EmEditors file open menu.

Of course, EmEditor can do that for you too:

EmEditor Home - EmEditor Help - Dialog Boxes
- Customize dialog box > Shortcut tab

The Shortcut tab allows you to customize
settings related to the shortcuts.

[X] Add a shortcut to the "Send To" menu check box
In EmEditor, adds a shortcut
to the "Send To" menu in Explorer.

... and there are more...

– – –

– assign EmEditor to all types of files in the Registry.

Then you can right click a file and chose “Open in EmEditor”

Here is an example *.reg file to add this to the registry.
(apparently you have to adjust the path to EmEditor.exe.
Use double back slashes as you see in my example)

Note: this for each user, not system wide.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareClasses*shellOpen in EmEditorcommand]
@="F:EmEditorEmEditor.exe CU "\%L""

To have that on folders too, you can use this combined version:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

#Provide EmEditor for each file type:
[HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareClasses*shellOpen in EmEditorcommand]
@="F:EmEditorEmEditor.exe "\%L""

#Provide EmEditor on folders:
[HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareClassesFoldershellOpen in EmEditorcommand]
@="F:EmEditorEmEditor.exe "\%L""

We can utilize an script instead of such *.reg files to determine
the current EmEditor path and write that to the registry.
I think we can even do that from EmEditor Tools menu
since EmEditor provides now $(AppDir), $(AppDrive) variables already.

Ohh, or simply a macro:

wsh = new ActiveXObject("Wscript.Shell");
regkey = "HKCUSoftwareClasses*shellOpen in portable EmEditorcommand";
strName = editor.FullName;
wsh.RegWrite( regkey, strName + " "\%L"", "REG_SZ");

No matter from which drive EmEditor is launched,
“Open with portable EmEditor” is always overwritten with currently right path.

– – –

To complete this topic…

You can also assign EmEditor to some
file types to launch EmEditor by double clicking:

EmEditor Help – Command Reference
– Tools category > Define Configurations command

Step-by-Step how to:

** Menu: Tools > Select Configuration > Define Configurations

** [Associations] button

** [Associate with EmEditor…]

** [Add]
** Extension [ txt ]
** [OK]

** [Close]

** [OK]

** [Close]

– – –

To export settings on non-portable (installed) version:

You can export the registry key of an installed EmEditor version
from the registry to an *.reg file and import that file.reg on another PC.

(take care about the path to EmEditor.exe again)

I think I have read that in this forum already once. A search may help.


Yutaka wrote:

Most settings are stored in the Registry.

You can use "Import and Export" on the Tools menu to export your settings.

That’s even better.