Yutaka Emura

ToadLoadin wrote:
1. While Importing all personal settings from a Reg file, multi-toolbar seetings can not be retained, i.e. while backuped my previous Emeditor settings into a Reg file, which has more than one toolbar, importing this setting to a newly installed Emeditor only retain the appearance of the first toolbar, other toolbars I’ve customized previously just got disappeared, so I must recustomize them again. :-(

2. Exporting & Importing color schemes can not retain the extact font style, all font styles become “Normal”, i.e. while in a color scheme some keyword highlights or URL/Email links have set to be bold or italic or underlined, exporting it into a eetheme file then importing that to another Emeditor installation, all the bold or italic or underlined font style got disappeared. :-(

1. Thanks for reporting the bug. I have fixed it by the next minor versions. Meanwhile, you can double click the .REG file before lauching EmEditor to import the new settings.

2. I could not reproduce the problem. I think you will need to save the theme by selecting “Save” in the menu when you click “>” by the theme name so that, for instance, “EmEditor Classic (modified)” should be displayed as “EmEditor Classic”. Then if you click Export or Export All, the theme you have just modified and saved will be exported to a file. I know it is a little complicated and might need some improvement here.