Yutaka Emura

RaiGal wrote:
Hello there,
I’ve only started using EmEditor and it’s already one of my favourite programs.So far i have encountered three drawbacks.

First one is that if i open a new file without EmEditor being active before opening it,it sort of starts like a new session,discrarding the tabs from previous sessions.So if i want to keep all the tabs from a previous session i need to run EmEditor before opening any file which is kinda of a hassle.I think Notepad++ had a similar function.Any way that i can change this?Just pointing this out because it’s a very good time saver!

Second thing i want to point out is that i haven’t found any option to make EmEditor automatically save my modified files every X minutes which is really helpful.

Third and last is the ability to change the colour of html links from blue to black which is way easier on the eyes.
Thanks for your time,any help is greatly appreciated! :-D

We might consider your first suggestion regarding auto restore workspace and a particular file open.

The second suggestion about auto saving is already possible from configuration properties > Auto Save tab.

The third suggestion is also already possible from configuration properties > Display tab. Please go ahead to look into all tabs in configuration properties and Customize dialogs. Thanks!