Yutaka Emura

stanlyn wrote:
I need file group/project functionality in EmEditor where I open files from many different locations and save and open them as a group/project.

The closest thing I can find is your save and restore workspace options. The problem with that is if you set EmEditor to be the default application to open .txt files and close EmEditor and from Explorer you double click a txt file it will load the file into EmEditor as expected. When you close, then reopen EmEditor it remembers the last workspace where the single file was last opened, therefore I must completely create a new workspace.

Also have an open default file, folder, or group when loading EmEditor, whereby it would open a single file if a file was listed, all files in a folder if a folder is listed, or a group of files if the filegroup was listed.

EditPadPro has this project functionality that I do miss, so please add it here…

Have you tried the Projects plug-in?