Yutaka Emura

alanf wrote:
All of a sudden, when I bring up the Find or Replace dialog boxes, the text fields in the dialog box where I want to type in the text to be found or replaced are mostly filled with arrow bitmaps (a left and a right arrow). I took a screenshot and could send it to anyone who wants to see it.

This makes it impossible to use the find/replace functionality. Very scary, as I need it to do a translation job immediately.

I saw this in the version I was using, installed the latest version (8.06), restarted the editor, and even restarted the computer, but the arrows kept returning.

What can I do?

The Find/Replace dialog box allows resizing by dragging the right bottom corner with the mouse. When the height of the dialog box is minimum, only a single line can be entered as a search string, while the taller dialog box allows multiple lines entered as a search string. Please drag the right bottom corner with the mouse so you can enter just the right size of the text.