Greetings cjkawe,

Here are some quick points:

1) Generally, you do not have to duplicate a post in multiple parts of the forum. The EmEditor home page shows all recent posts regardless of the specific forum sub-area. One post should be enough for someone to catch your question eventually.

2) EmEditor has the Highlight all feature, and there is also a “FindBar” plugin. I tried the FindBar plugin only once and then never tried it again, therefore I don’t have any details but you can try it yourself and see if it meets your requirements. For more details on the feature that works similar to Firefox CTRL+F, search for the following items in EmEditor help:

— “highlight previously searched strings”
— “HighlightFind Property”
— “Erase Find Highlight command”

If you include the double-quotes, the CHM help file will know you are searching for these exact phrases.