Hi Yutaka,

Regarding to the tag highlighting, is there a chance you’ll “upgrade” this function to also take care of nested tags ?
Right now, it only highlights extremely few tags (only a couple of opening- to ending tags on the same line).

Is it ever going to take care of nested tags ?

Currently, it highlights about 1

tag for every 100 in the document, which is quite pity.

For example, the div below does get detected & highlighted :

<div id="logo_text">The Definitive Text Editor for Windows</div>

This one doesn’t get detected & highlighted :

<div id="language"><img src="tc_40_files/allflags2.png" alt="International Sites" usemap="#flags" height="21" width="324"> <a href="http://www.emurasoft.com/"><img src="tc_40_files/emurasoft-icon.png" alt="Emurasoft" title="Emurasoft Home Page" border="0" height="26" width="20"></a></div>