Respectfully =)

Ah, I see exactly what you are saying now. I thought you were just generally speaking of finding yourself unable to highlight certain words (in which case I was on a mission to help).

I have however downloaded and gone back through the options again just to make sure that there wasn’t any setting either of us missed earlier.

However, this may (perhaps) be a certain technical limitation. My guess is that for Yutaka to implement the line highlighting that we’ve so come accustomed he would need to build the line highlight feature into a completely separate module. I don’t know how many extra cpu cycled or how much extra memory it would take to draw/hold this information.

Perhaps this feature could be wrapped into a generalized default option such that the default is applied to all objects unless explicitly overridden by another option set. I believe this would require the highlighting module to be hierarchical though (dunno if it is).