Fist of all I have to say sorry, because it seems I was wrong pointing out the IntelliPoint explicitly.
Removing IntelliPoint form the memory has no effect. But the MS mouse driver still there, of course.
And I was absolutely confused in this situation because IntelliPoint is really affecting such software as ArchiCAD or even Solitaire game at list on my WinXP machine. My english isn’t so good to describe how IntelliPoint affecting mentioned software.

But at least two of my friends from the russian speaking forums notified me that they have reproduced the same effects in EE 8/9.
We have found that there are two conditions leading to this effect:
1. The Vertical Selection Block must be controlled only by keyboard during testing!
2. It seems this effect may be caused by proportional fonts while monospaced ones (Courier, Consolas) do not affect this.
— Thanks in advance —