Hello Yutaka. Is there any plan to implement “Find in non-binary files” feature?

I suggest, in Find in Files dialog box, Add a check box “Find in all non-binary files” below the file types edit box. If it is checked, file types edit box greys out.


You know, specifying individual file types can be impossible sometimes, because some big software(like Atlassian Confluence) use varies extension names for their data files, like .xml .properties .policy .vm etc. I do not know what more extensions will they incorporate in the future, since they use so many third-party modules from the JAVA world.


Some text files do not have extensions, like C++ STL headers, , etc.


What’s more, I think this option will be very popular because of its convenience. Imagine, how often do we just want to find a word from a bunch of source code inside a directory and really do not care the disturbance of some unrelated files. Very often, right? For example, we want to find a definition of a C macro, we write regex search pattern as


We can be sure that such text will not show up in Visual Studio .vcproj , .rc etc, and if we don’t mind the extra little time checking those unrelated files, it will be a time saver to just enable “Find in all non-binary files”.