Yutaka Emura

bennett wrote:
I’m very new to EmEditor and HTML! Using EmEditor Pro 7.00.04. When I insert a new table I get:

Would it be possible to produce the following everytime I want to insert a new table:

I’m using EmEditor to update a web site. Without the



the table simply disappears!

There might be some customisable setting that will enable me to do the above.

Many thanks.


I assume you are talking about HTMLBar plug-in. You are right, the Table button is not customizable. Most other buttons are customizable from the HTMLBar plug-in Properties > Customize Buttons button. If you know how many rows and columns of table you usually create, you can select “Inser Tags” when you customize the button and insert those tags you need. Or you might want to try a macro. I might consider the ability to change table details in the plug-in in the future.