Hi Yutaka,

I am sorry but I cannot debug your product for you. If you googled “stackhash”, you would find out that there is never a module by that name: the identifier means that the module is unknown, so the OS provides a hash of the stack instead, which only serves to identify the particular crash (distinguish it from other crashes). Here’s a brief description from a Microsoft technician (first answer below the OP):


I have found out that if I run EmEditor as administrator (with the UAC prompt), then the crashes do not happen. What this suggests to me is that there is indeed a permissions problem somewhere. When EmEitor runs as administrator, the permissions problem does not occur, hence no crash. Again, exception 5 is “access denied”, and I would think this is a better indication of why EmEditor crashes than the meaningless “stackhash”.

If I can provide you with any more information to debug this issue, please let me know. These crashes have been happening consistently since the beginning of 2011, so at least since version 10 was released.

(Yes, I have all the latest drivers and updates installed. No other app on my system exhibits any similar problems; that includes Office 2007, versions of Delphi from 6 to XE, a couple of recent games and several other text editors.)