wdscxsj wrote:
I think interpreting wildcard characters is usually the shell’s reponsibility.

What interprets wildcards is not the point of my post. The fact that one cannot open multiple files at once using wildcards from the command line is my point. I posted this as a Core Enhancement request back on 5/27/2007 @ 1:53 pm. It looks like part of the request was implemented (multiple file selection from the OpenFile dialog). I was just asking if the other part of the request could be implemented (multiple file selection using wildcards from the command line).

Let me give a brief example to elaborate. Let’s say that you have a folder that has multiple ini files in it such as the EmEditor application folder. Then let’s assume that you want to open and view all of those ini files. If from the command line you entered the syntax: “Emeditor *.ini”, you would receive an error message saying that “The specified path is invalid”. You would have assumed that the syntax would have opened all of the ini files in that folder. The only way to open all of the ini files in the folder from the command line, using Emeditor, would be to know and to list each ini file with the following syntax: “Emeditor inifile1 inifile2 inifile3 …”. This seems a bit cumbersome.