I stayed away from the U3 technology for quite a while. I recently starting using it and I actually like it. Although, most of the apps on my USB drive are portable apps not u3 apps. However, I do have a couple of U3 apps that I now use everyday. RoboForm2Go is one of them. Since U3 seems to be rather stable now, I plan to add more U3 apps as ones that I like become available. Since there is a way to create U3 shortcuts to regular portable apps, it really doesn’t matter whether U3 version exists initially. Creating U3 shortcuts to portable apps is still a bit of a PowerUser function. It’s not something that the average USB Flash Drive user would/could easily do. Therefore, I’m sure a U3 version would become very popular. At this time, there only seems to be one other real competitor that has a full-fledged U3 compatible version available.