Yutaka Emura

visitor wrote:
1. Open a file in the “System Default” encoding.
2. Save it to the “UTF-16 LE” encoding (Save As…)
3. Close it and open it again.
4. EmEditor reports “Null characters (00H) contained in the file will be replaced with spaces”.

I found it is because of missing Unicode BOM (byte order mark) at the beginning of the file. :-?
Meanwhile, if you create a new file and save it to the “UTF-16 LE” then Unicode BOM is appended.

When you save, you need to make sure “with Signature (BOM)” is selected. This selection is different in Windows Vista from XP/2000. Which OS are you using? If you are using XP/2000, there is a separate check box that you will need to check. In Windows Vista, the drop-down list box contains both “UTF-16LE with Signature” and “UTF-16LE without Signature”.